Software as a Service (SaaS)

•  Online Vehicle Registration System ( )
•  Malaysian Vehicle e-Registration System ( )
•  Event Registration & Management System ( )
•  Sistem Pengurusan Kompaun Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (SKPBT)

Application Development

•  Integrated Gate Security System
•  Web Based Global Positioning System (GPS) Vehicle Tracking System
•  Active RFID Tracking and Management System
•  Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
•  Timesheet Management System

Mobile Applications

•  Sistem Pengurusan Kompaun Handheld (Enforcement)
•  Mobile Active RFID/GPS Tracking System

Hardware (Reseller)

•  Active RFID Reader, Active RFID Transmitters, Mobile Readers
•  CCTV and Security peripherals
•  Other IT Related Products (Computers, Servers, Printers, etc)

Networking Products

Drosstech has the skills and experience to provide total WAN, LAN and Wireless network throughout the Malaysia and on a global level. We collaborate with some of the Malaysia's largest names, to deliver exactly what you need, where you want it and within budget.  

The choice of solutions, technology and carriers is huge and bewildering, at times. Drosstech   simplifies the whole experience by giving you choice, each one with a clear view on what you are getting, along with the benefits and drawbacks. We are completely independent and leave you to make a decision based on facts, not sales talk.

We provide solutions on a nationwide or global level with:

•  Leased Lines
•  Remote Access
•  Virtual Private Network

We provide all of the   monitoring   and management which you would expect.  Drosstech works with you to tailor a solution to your exact requirements, without bias towards one technology or vendor.

We makes the whole situation simpler, by providing an expert and an unbiased pair of eyes. We can design, build, implement and manage (if required) your whole LAN infrastructure. This will give you a   network   which performs to and beyond your expectations.

Our LAN solutions give you:

•  Performance.
•  High Availability
•  Resilience.
•  Reliability.
•  Value for investment. 

Business Consultancy

•  Consultancy in Solutions Development & Support
•  Consultancy in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
•  Consultancy in Infrastructure & Networking Products